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The Modes Empire, established in 2010, is one of the world’s top international conglomerates, representing multiple industry’s and their most successful faces. A dedicated team of highly experienced professionals has enabled Modes to sustain its success and dominate the business world for close to a decade.

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Our New-York based corporation with a diverse scope of subsidiaries, is set to emerge with groundbreaking technology with Leneir


Our philanthropic efforts in networking and career development to underrepresented minorities helps young minds connect to the STEM field through a 501(c)3 Non – Profit Organization (The Whired Organization) also under the New York Conglomerate, Modes Empire.

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We have helped over 30 energy companies in 5 different countries provide clean tech to 4000 individuals living off the electricity grid.

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Brisk UAV

drone delivery service

Brisk UAV is a drone delivery service. The brisk experience allows individuals, merchants and corporations to receive delivery of their items in a timely fashion avoiding traffic of mail service distributors. 


non-profit organization

A safe haven for minority students & professionals. A good platform for Networking and Career Advancement in the STEM field. We secure our students' positions at the finest companies in the STEM Industry.

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We have helped numerous individuals and corporations develop their businesses by drawing out strategic business plans and tasks to meet deadlines and achieve maximum results with the help of our in-house consulting agency (Grey Poise).

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Do you have a wild imagination like we do? Our team of experts listen to your ideas and build a big utopia out of it. We follow through with ideas by making a layout of the vision.

Our vision layout turns into milestones that are assigned to team members. We have the resources to paint a good visual of the results to expect and seek the clients approval.

Milestones are executed and completed in a timely with a peer review at the end of each milestone to proceed to ultimate perfection. Our clients till this day are always pleased with our work.

Unique idea layouts

Business model and strategic planning

Inclusive field research

Execution and perfection of project

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.

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